Pro Series Intake Manifold For K20Z3 Honda Civic Si 06-11 Acura TSX 04-08 K24A2



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Pro Series Intake Manifold For K20Z3 Honda Civic Si 06-11 Acura TSX 04-08 K24A2

Product Description:

Our cast-aluminum JackspaniaRacing Intake Manifolds for Honda’s K-series engines are a direct replacement for the '06-'11 Civic Si engines. The manifold also incorporates an angled-runner design, which allows for ample hood clearance on almost any engine combination.

Our Intake Manifolds offer horsepower and torque gains greater than the popular RBC manifold but without compromising mid-range power output. The design incorporates runners that are similar in length to the RBC but with larger bores, a special tapered design, as well as a larger, tapered plenum that together preserves mid-range power but increases and accelerates airflow to allow for significant top-end power gains. The Pro Series Intake Manifold’s shape and design also increase wave scavenging effects at the engine’s ideal operating range, which allows for a broad increase in usable power.

Additional Information:


Ideal for turbocharged/supercharged and also naturally aspirated engines.
72mm throttle body opening can be port-matched up to 76mm.
Includes 70mm Billet Aluminum TB


Guaranteed Fitments:


2004 - 2008 Acura TSX (Base)
2006 - 2011 Honda Civic Coupe (Si)
2007 - 2011 Honda Civic Sedan (Si)
Acura K24A2
Honda K20Z3
ONLY FITS K20Z3 and K24A2 Engine!!! (Customers will be charged for the wrong fitment if returned)


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