AC Compressor Clutch Kit Coil Pulley Plate For 02-03 Ford F-150 4.6 5.4l

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The three main parts of the compressor clutch assembly are the coil magnet, the pulley, and the clutch plate. The clutch drive plate is splined to the input shaft of the compressor.

The compressor clutch is a large electromagnet that, when energized, draws the clutch plate into the clutch pulley. The magnetic field holds the clutch plate tightly against the clutch pulley as long as current is supplied to it. This in turn engages the drive pulley to the compressor input shaft, causing the shaft to spin. When the compressor clutch is not engaged, the input shaft of the compressor does not spin and the drive pulley freewheels on a sealed bearing assembly.


2002 2003 Ford F-150 4.6l 5.4l

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