Idle Air Control Valve For Acura El Honda Civic Del Sol 36450-P2J-J0

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for Honda Civic EX, Si 1992-1995
for Honda Civic Del Sol Si 1993
for Honda Civic Del Sol Si SOHC 1994-1995
for Acura Integra for GS 1997 Automatic Transmission
for Acura Integra Special Edition 1995
for Acura Integra Special Edition 1996 Automatic Transmission
for Acura Integra for GS, for GS-R 1992-1993
for Acura Integra LS, RS 1992-1995
for Acura Integra LS, RS 1996-1997 Automatic Transmission

1 Female Connector
2-Prong Blade Male Terminal
1 electrical connector
2 hose connectors
2 ports
hose size: 0.38 in


Package Includes:1x Idle Air Control Valve


* Professional installation is highly recommended (No Instruction Included)
* For any needs please contact us



Idle speed control valve, usually called idle air control valve,
The stepping motor type idle speed control valve is the most widely used idle speed control device in the world.

It is used for the opening of the bypass air passage of the automobile electronic injection system to adjust the bypass air volume so that the engine speed reaches the required target value.

There is a coil in the valve that can be opened and closed to adjust the air flow.

Electronic control means maintaining the proper air volume during engine load changes.

Application of idle speed control valve;
When the engine is cold, the temperature is low, the friction resistance is large, and the warm-up time is long.

The function of the air valve is to provide additional air to the engine through the air valve when the engine starts at low temperature.

Keep the engine idling and running stably, so that the engine can be warmed up quickly after starting, thereby shortening the warm-up time.

After the engine is warmed up, the air flowing through the air valve is cut off, and the air sucked in by the engine is supplied by the bypass passage of the throttle body.

When the air control valve is not working properly, all of these will cause your car to run rough, low fuel consumption, or not run at all.

This makes it important to maintain good working conditions.

Most idle speed control valves are in the form of electric valves or electric motors and are installed somewhere in the vehicle's intake manifold.

When the idle speed control valve fails, it may cause various problems for the vehicle, and in some cases may even make it impossible.

Usually, a malfunctioning idle speed control valve produces symptoms that are noticeable enough for the driver to quickly realize that there is a problem.

If your vehicle is experiencing any of the above symptoms, or you suspect that there may be a problem with your idle speed control valve,

Please have a professional technician diagnose the vehicle to determine whether the idle speed control valve needs to be replaced.

It is best to have a qualified professional inspect your vehicle regularly.

This helps prevent damage and failure of many components during the life of the vehicle.

Regular maintenance can help maintenance technicians find problems with air control valves as early as possible and prevent further damage.


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