GM Chevrolet LS LS3 L92 Fabricated Intake Manifold Throttle



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GM Chevrolet LS LS3 L92 Fabricated Intake Manifold Throttle Body Fuel Rail 102MM

We designed our fabricated aluminum sheet metal intake manifold to improve the look and performance of your LS engine. It features a 102mm throttle body opening for maximum airflow. The runners are velocity stacked, allowing air to move more smoothly at high velocities.

The manifold is constructed of 3.5mm thick T-6061 aluminum and is TIG welded to ensure consistent strength and performance. Individual port o-rings promise a good seal with the cylinder heads and throttle body. Available in clear or black anodized finishes, this manifold will also give your engine bay a nice, clean aesthetic.

The first thing people notice when taking a closer at our intake manifold is the beautiful TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding throughout - all done by hand. This ensures solid construction that won't fail under stress. The head flanges are 7/16" thick, and the plenum is constructed of 3.5mm T-6061 aluminum, which means it can easily handle up to 25 lbs of boost - more than enough for most street performance applications.

Chevrolet Small Block V8 GEN. III/IV (LS-BASED)

4.8 L / 293 in3 (L20, LY2)

5.3 L / 325 in3 (LC9, LH6, LH8, LMG, LY5)

6.0 L / 364 in3 (L76, L96, LFA, LY6)

6.2 L / 376 in3 (L92, L99, LS3, LSA)

Fits LS-based engines with "Rectangular" intake port shape only!

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