EGR Valve EGV1055 for 2004-2010 Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer V6 4.0L

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The EGR valve is also called the exhaust gas recirculation valve. It is a very important and key component of the exhaust gas recirculation device.
Its function is to control the amount of exhaust gas entering the intake manifold so that a certain amount of exhaust gas flows into the intake manifold for recirculation.

The EGR valve is usually located on the right side of the intake manifold, close to the throttle body, connected to the intake manifold and exhaust manifold, and the degree of opening of the valve is controlled by the vacuum pipe to determine the amount of exhaust gas passed into the intake manifold.

When the engine is running under load, the EGR valve opens, allowing a small amount of exhaust gas to enter the intake manifold and into the combustion chamber together with the combustible mixture.
When idling, the EGR valve is closed, and almost no exhaust gas is recirculated to the engine.

. EGR valve
Function: The valve that controls the exhaust gas entering the intake pipe.
Structure: One side (lower part) of the EGR valve diaphragm is open to the atmosphere, and the other side with a spring is a vacuum chamber whose vacuum is controlled by an EGR solenoid valve.

What is the phenomenon of EGR valve broken

If the EGR valve is broken, if the exhaust gas recirculation valve is not closed tightly, part of the exhaust gas will enter the engine intake pipe through the exhaust gas recirculation valve when the engine is idling.
When the engine is idling, the amount of mixed gas is very small, and the exhaust gas entering the intake pipe will dilute the concentration of the mixed gas, which will have a significant impact on the idling operation of the engine, making the engine idling extremely unstable and even stalling.

1. The EGR is closed for a long time. At this time, it will affect the emission of the vehicle, which means that the emission may not meet the standard.

2. When the EGR is long open, the vehicle will emit black smoke, accelerate weakly, and increase fuel consumption. At this time, the EGR valve must be replaced or cleaned.

Inspection of EGR valve

When a vacuum of 15kPa is applied to the EGR valve, the EGR valve should be able to be opened; when no vacuum is applied, the EGR valve should be able to be completely closed.

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