Catch Can For Chrysler 300 Hemi Mopar 5.7L 6.1L 6.4L SRT Charger Challenger



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Catch Can For Dodge Scat Pack Hemi Shaker 392 5.7L 6.4L SRT Charger Challenger

Fits Models:
  • 2011-2022
  • Dodge Charger / Dodge Challenger / Chrysler 300

The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system is used to recycle the gasses that leak or “blow by” your engine's piston rings and create a positive pressure in the crankcase. By venting these gasses along with oil mist/vapor from the crankcase and route it back into the intake manifold so it can be burned off.

This is a poor fix for automobile manufacturers because over time the excess oil vapor collects along the inside of the intake tract and forms a “sludge”. This leads to a variety of issues including carbon build-up, retarded timing, detonation, power loss, and even engine failure.

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